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Title: تعدد الزوجات في منظر الإسلام
Other Titles: Ta'addud Al-Zawjat fi Manzar Al-Islam
Authors: Noraini Bt Muhammad
نور عيني بنت محمد
Keywords: tes FPQS 2003 .N673
Polygamy--Religious aspects--Islam
Polygamy (Islamic law)
Marriage (Islamic law)
Issue Date: 2003
Publisher: Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia
Abstract: "Polygamy in Islamic Perspective" is the title of author , for this Academic Project . Generally , it means that a Muslim man is many many either more than one , two , three or four wives in the same time . However , a man or husband is not allowed to marry more than four wives in the same time . Beside that , this research is many know , more general and deeply about the real polygamy situation in Islamic Perspectives , not also to practice it without following the better way and his desires only . From this research , the Author also applied a Library Research Method with observation in many books , such as references books , magazines and other relevant documents that related to this research . Nevertheless , the Author also used other , such method as through interviews with Academicians , especially in Islamic University College of Malaysia ( KUIM ) . From this matter, the Author founds that it can be explained here that Islam had permanently " Hukum" in Polygamy practice due to such consequences either Permissible ( Harus ) , Reprehensible ( Makruh ) , Sunat , or Prohibited ( Haram ) . In fact, the Author also started arguments to persons who refuse the Polygamy practice , based of their reasons . Besides that , it also explained about the conditions , causes , doubtful in Polygamy and other essential issues that relevant to it .
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