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Title: The Concept of Tawheed and Its Implications Towards Management
Authors: Azlinda Bt Razlan
Keywords: tes FKP 2004 .A955
God (Islam)
Management--Religious aspects--Islam
Issue Date: 2004
Publisher: Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia
Abstract: Predicting behavior's culture using beliefs "that ends can justify means" is an idea that comes from the western management model that stressed on how to gain and manipulate power. Although this "Machiavellianism" is contrary to Islamic view, but why does this practice still happen in our society? It is because of the lacking of the Tawheed absorption in life management today. The purpose of this academic writing is to expound the concept of Tawheed and its implication towards management. On conducting this writing, the author used data sources and research design where, the data sources are consisted of the library research, field study, interview and observation. Through the research design, the author tries to identify the workers' trend whether their working objective is based on Tawheed or vice verse. Then the research scope of this writing focused on the Islamic Management System based on Tawheed. Thus, this writing concludes that management by Tawheed is the only way to ensure the abolishment of corruption, mischief, injustice, deceitfulness and all of wrongdoing happened in an organization. Truly, the establishment using the Tawhidic approach will reach their establishment target with success under God's pleasure.
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