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Title: Stress Among Final Year Students In The Faculty Of Leadership And Management, Islamic University College Of Malaysia
Authors: Siti Rohayu Binti Md Hassan
Keywords: Stress
tes FSU 2004 .S584
Issue Date: 2-Mar-2009
Abstract: The objective of the study is to observe how far stress creates among final year students in the Faculty of Leadership and Management, Islamic College University of Malaysia (KUIM). The purpose of the study also to understand on how they manage with their own stress. A total number of 103 students were taken as an experimental subject of the study. One set of questionnaire containing the subject bio data and College Student Life Event Schedule (CSLES) as an object parameter used to measure the stage of student's stress. The data obtained in analysis uses Statistical Packaging for Social Sciences (SPSS) method. For example the t test. Result of the study shows that these final year students as whole received an intermediate stage of stress. A result also shows significant difference between stress involving difference sex, academic stress, family stress and martial status stress. The students are keen to obtained social support from their love ones and keep their time occupied as ways to reduce stress.
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