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Title: "The Position of the Illegal Immigrants in Malaysia: Problem and Challenges"
Authors: Ahmad Syahzami Bin Mahmudin
Keywords: Emigration and immigration--Malaysia
tes FSU 2007 .A3633
Issue Date: 2007
Publisher: Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia
Abstract: The orientation of this paper project is more to the illegal immigrant in Malaysia around in the end of the October 2004 until 30 May 2005. Perhaps, if we were looking a report from the Immigration Department of Malaysian, the research of the illegal immigrant came to our country very rapidly. The main objective cause they came to Malaysian to earn themselves and their family in own country. Nevertheless, the writer shall be focus on the position of the illegal immigrant in Malaysian in term of the problems and challenges. Therefore, the writer wants to clarify with aptly regarding to these problems by five's chapters. So, the first chapter, the writer shall be highlight on the definitions and as well supported with many sources for instances from a dictionary, legal perspectives, legal opinion, Islamic perspectives and so on. Thus, the second chapter, the writer will stress about the real position of illegal immigrant workers in factories, construction sites, farms, domestic maids and many more. Then, the third chapter, the writer will elaborate the problems are usually took place upon to the public after they were come to Malaysian. The fourth chapter, the writer will discuss about the challenges have been facing by our government to prevent the illegal immigrants hail to our country. Last chapter, the writer will conclude these negotiated before.
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