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Title: أمراض القلوب وكيفية علاجها في القرآن والسنة
Other Titles: Amrad al-qulub wa-kayfiyah 'ilajiha fi al-Qur'an wa-al-Sunnah
Authors: Muhammad Zamani Bin Muhammad Midin
محمد زماني محمد ميدين
Keywords: Religious life--Islam
Soul--Islam--Qur'anic teaching
tes FPQS 2004 .M8439
Issue Date: 2004
Publisher: Kolej Universiti Islam Malaysia
Abstract: The objective of this academic project is to explore the meaning and concept of "qulb" ailments and its medicinal values as stated in the Al-quran and As- Sunnah. Through this study, the writer attempts to identify the causes of ailments that are related to qulb, aqal and nafs and the nature of ailments, its position in Quran and Hadith and the effectiveness of the medication in human life. The particular Quranic verses and the hadiths are quoted in this research, the nature and types of ailments that are related to qulb as mentioned in the verses are identified .The research uses literature review such as going through the Sufism books, tafseer, books on hadith the "sunan sittah "and philosophy books .These books are referred to because of the authenticity in their relation to the treatment of the heart ailments. The concept of ailments would be well elucidated through selected verses. The effects of this medicinal to society are stated also .Through this research, the writer judges that A1-quran and hadith are most applicable source to treat the heart ailments.
Appears in Collections:Fakulti Pengajian Quran dan Sunnah

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