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Title: The Acceptance of Nasyid as a Medium in Dakwah By Society: A Case Study at Kuala Lumpur
Authors: Najibah Bt As'ari
Keywords: Songs, Islamic
Da'wah (Islam)
tes FKP 2004 .N355
Issue Date: 2004
Publisher: Kolej Universiti Islam Malaysia
Abstract: The scenario of nasyid today has been improved with the introduction of the contemporary nasyid song suitable with current progress. The appearance of nasyid artists such as Raihan, Hijjaz and Rabbani have colour up the entertainment world in this country besides bringing up the Islamic message to society. This study recognizes that the acceptance of nasyid by society today related to the important elements contributed on the production of that songs. This study distributed the questionnaires to 50 respondents in Kuala Lumpur area with concern to the gender aspect. ages. the academic level and personally question about the listening to nasyid songs. The purposes of this study are to recognize the acceptance level of nasyid by society in Malaysia besides to identify the main elements of nasyid that meet the society's need today. Besides that, it is to recognize the effectiveness level of nasyid as a medium in dakwah to society. This study applies the collective data method to obtain the data through the gathering information materials from library and the questionnaires to respondent. The study result is, the acceptance level of nasyid by society in Malaysia today and the effectiveness as a medium in Islamic dakwah aspect are in moderate. and influenced by the important elements of nasyid. The findings formed that, the application of the main elements of nasyid have attracted the society to listen to nasyid songs today.
Appears in Collections:Fakulti Kepimpinan dan Pengurusan

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