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Title: Islamic media between reality and ambition and specifications of the media man in Islam
Other Titles: Al-I'lam al-Islami bayn al-Waqi Wa al-Tamuh Wa Muwasifat Rijl al-I'lam Fi al-Islam
الإعلام الإسلامي بين الواقع والطموح ومواصفات رجل الإعلام في الإسلام
Authors: Yusuf 'Abd al-Qadir 'Ali
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia
Abstract: This study tackles the current situation of Islamic media and the extent to which this media is influenced by the Western media model. The study starts with a comparison between Islamic media models and those of the Western media. It reaches the conclusion that the Islamic media has been influenced by the Western media in many respects. After exploring and analyzing the situation of the Islamic media and reaching this conclusion, the study seeks to showcase the Islamic media model through citing some evidence from the Koran, the Prophet's Tradition, and the opinions of Islamic Law scholar and Muslim media figures. These scholar have sought to clarify and explain such evidence to be able to reach such conclusion, which has led to the regulation and standardization of the science of media and communication in Islam. This is considered an aspiration that many of the media outlets in Islamic countries are yet to realize. This is the ambition that we are still short of. The study then tackles another aspect, particularly the study of the characteristics of the media figure in Islam. This aspect has played an important role in the media process in which the media figures were the cornerstones. This study clearly shows the reality of the current media in the Islamic World as seen by the Muslim media scholars. It also provides a clear model of the Islamic media in al1 its components, namely the message, the sender, the receiver and the medium.
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