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Title: أحكم الطهاره الخاصة بالمرأة مع الدراسة الميدانية في المدارس الابتداءية في منطقة أمفغ
Other Titles: Ahkam al-taharah al-khassah bi al-mar'ah : Ma'a al-dirasah al-maydaniyah fi al-madaris al-ibtida'iyah fi mantiqah Ampang
Authors: Sharifah Bt Fadzil @ Abdul Hadi
شريفة بنت فاضل @ عبد الهادي
Keywords: Women--Legal status, law, (Islamic law)
Purity, (Islam law)
Muslim, women--Religious practice
tes FSU 2003 .S537
Issue Date: 2003
Publisher: Kolej Universiti Islam Malaysia
Abstract: This research introduced to the Faculty of Syariah and Judiciary for the purpose of graduation according to the regulation of Islamic University College of Malaysia (KUIM). This research consist of two parts, the first is theoretical which based on information acquired meanly from the library. Around to topic. The second part is practical which based on field study such as questionnaires and interviews within primary schools in the area of Ampang. The most results of the study: a) There is a lack of information regard the topic among the student. b) The facilities used to convey the information are not sufficient. c) The parents should play more efficient role in regards to education of they children in terms of this subject. d) The outlined introduce by the Ministry is almost sufficient meanwhile the time and way of teaching should be revised.
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