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Title: Images of Malay Women in Shahnon Ahmad’s Selected Works
Authors: Normazla Ahmad Mahir
Harison @ Hanisa Mohd Sidek
Keywords: Gender studies
Women image
Shahnon Ahmad
Malay society
Issue Date: 14-Feb-2012
Abstract: Gender discrimination phenomenon not only exists in ‘male-centered’ literature where ‘double-standard’ treatment is apparent in the writings of local male writers, but also can be seen in the twisted yet stereotypical images of the female characters. Such portrayal of female characters seems to come from the male writer’s imagination and personal experience, as well as from that of the ideas prevailing in the society in which they live. Their interpretation of characters is shaped by society’s customs, traditions, and taboos. By unveiling the social values and practices of the Malay society, only then these misperception and misrepresentation of women characters can be understood. Using sociological and feminist approach, this paper attempts to rectify the three stereotypical images (an ‘object’, the ‘other’ and ‘being female’) of women characters as created by Shahnon Ahmad in No Harvest but Thorn (1972), Rope of Ash (1991), Srengenge (1974) and Woman (1980). These images shall be revealed implicitly through glimpses of the women characters’ inner conflicts and explicitly through the development of characters and their relationship within the society.
ISSN: 1675-5936
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