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Title: The Study of Challenges Faced by Women in Malaysia
Authors: Zuzilah Bt Aleakhber
Keywords: Women--Malaysia--Social conditions
tes FSU 2003 .Z894
Issue Date: 2003
Publisher: Kolej Universiti Islam Malaysia
Abstract: The title of the research is Challenges Faced By Women In Malaysia. In doing this research the writer used several methods namely literature review, Internet surfing and from the sources of al-Quran and al-Hadith. For this purpose, the writer flipped pages of books and magazines in the libraries of Islamic College University of Malaysia, National University of Malaysia, University of Malaya and also National Library of Kuala Lumpur. In doing so, the subject of challenges of women today is given focus. The various challenges that women are facing are identified such as the problems that women face in their endeavor between raising her family and office duties. The writer also touches on the roles that woman play in the development of the nation and society especially in the era of globalization.
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