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Title: History Of Truth The Truth About God And Religions (1): In Search of God
Authors: Adel Elsaie, Dr.
Keywords: God (Islam)
Islam--Comparative studies
BP166.2 .E47 2012
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia
Abstract: It represents a step-by-step search of the truth in an attempt to answer the most important question of the human mind; Does God exist?' The current tendency to separate science and religion imposes disgraceful restrictions on science to archive even more prosperous horizons. The law of repetition in introduced. This law simply states that because common guidelines exist, in all living organism or physical objects, then the Designer or the Creator of all living and non-living objects is the same. The questions of the existence of God is answered by examining the known facts about the universe such as the big-bang, the expansion of the universe and the recent discovery in cosmology. The missing universe is explained. The theory of evolution that is being taught in every high school and university on earth is criticized and discredited. This is based upon recognized information about origin of life, fossil record, comparative anatomy and mutation. The author establishes criteria for accepting a religion that will be applied to the three dominant Abrahamic religions; Judiasm, Christianity and Islamic. The technical information in this book is presented an easy-to-read and understandable form.
ISBN: 9789675295959
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