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Title: Ruju': It's Concept, Procedures and Practice under Islamic Law in Selangor
Authors: Ainalida Bt Mohd Abidin
Keywords: Marriage (Islamic law)
tes FSU 2004 .A562
Divorce (Islamic law)
Issue Date: 2004
Publisher: Kolej Universiti Islam Malaysia
Abstract: Resumption of conjugal relationship or " Ruju' "means a return to the original marriage state. It happens among women in their period of 'iddah. This right will be lost after the completion of 'iddah period. It is the last way to improve marital relationship between husband and wife who were separated for certain time. This study sought to understand and comprehend the definition of Ruju', it's procedures and practice in Selangor under the Selangor Islamic Family Law Enactment 1984. Beside that, this research will be comparing opinions between all mazahib in Islam. For data and information gathering purposes the author used the method of library research such as information from books, journal, magazines and others. Beside that, the other techniques used are observations and interviews. As a result, the researcher knows the provision, practice and the implementation of ruju' that has been stated under Selangor Islamic Family Law Enactment 1984. Beside that, the researcher has comprehended the condition that should be fulfilled by husband and wife who desire to recohabit as stated under this law.
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