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Title: شهادة المرأة في الأمور الخاصة بالنساء
Other Titles: Shahadah al-mar'ah fi al-'umur al-khasah b-al-nisa'
Authors: Kamaliah Bt 'Abd al-'alim
كمالية عبد العاليم
Keywords: Islamic law--Women
tes FSU 2004 .K36
Issue Date: 2004
Publisher: Kolej Universiti Islam Malaysia
Abstract: This study is about testimony of a woman in matter that is related to them only. The testimony of woman include in matter that are generally know to them. For instance birth, menstruation, suckling, crying of the child at the time of his birth and blemish of woman inside dress of them. The author conducted this study to know how far the acceptance of testimony of woman in Islamic Law whether in personally or along with men. Many of information are from library study. That through collects the fact and doing the research and also analyses. The information is got through library of University of Malaya (UM), Islamic University College of Malaysia (KUIM), Islamic Center and National Library. The finding indicates that the testimony of woman is accepted in two situations. First, the testimony in individual in matter is related to woman only. Second, the testimony of woman along with men it is in matters that are relating both of them.
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