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Title: Domestic Violence Act: An Analysis Based on Islamic Perspective
Authors: Mashitah Bt Abdul Majid
Keywords: Family violence--Religious aspects--Islam
tes FSU 2004 .M373
Issue Date: 2004
Publisher: Kolej Universiti Islam Malaysia
Abstract: Domestic violence is a conlmon matter in this world nowadays. It also happens in Malaysia. This project paper will discuss the problem and the exact definition of domestic violence from Islamic perspective and legal perspective in Malaysia. This academic writing also gives tlie alternatives to the doniestic violence's victim to get protection by the court according to the provisions in the Malaysian legal system. The remedies provided under the law are examples on what the victim should apply to protect himself or herself. But the question is if the victim is a Muslim, what Act should be applied to hinl or her? And if thc vietiill is a non-Muslim, what is tlie ilct that should be applied to her or him? Is tlie legal provision to protect the \.ictini of doniestic violcncc similar? Is thc Tlon~estic Violcncc Act 1994 the only wa). for the victim to get p~-otcction Srom the court? ' T ~ L I s . this projcct paper will discuss tlic questions and try to highlight the suitable provisions to the victim.
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