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Title: EPF Saving: Should It Be Clasified as Harta Sepencarian?
Authors: Maslinda Bt Mohamad
Keywords: Marital property (Islamic law)
tes FSU 2004 .M376
Issue Date: 2004
Publisher: Kolej Universiti Islam Malaysia
Abstract: "Harta sepencarian" can be defined as a property jointly acquired by a husband and a wife during the marriage. The claim on this jointly property right occurred in the case of divorce whenever both parties could not determined the amount of their right on the properties in question. This jointly acquired property right or "harta sepencarian" refers to any kinds of valuable assets or properties obtained by one party before their marriage and it had been developed by his or her spouse during the marriage or jointly effort on those properties. Nowadays, there is an issue to make an EPF saving to be recognized as "harta sepencarian. " The method of research used is through data collection, library and also interview the certain parties and people those are know the topic. And the result of this research the researcher is the finding that the EPF saving cannot be recognized as "harta sepencarian " and ever cannot be claimed by spouse of to a marriage. Through this study, the reader could be able to make this paper as future reference.
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