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Title: Rights and Obligations of Husband and Wife in Muslim Marriage: a Study on the Islamic Family Law in Kelantan
Authors: Mariana Bt Mohamad
Keywords: Family--Islamic law--Kelantan
Marriage--Religious aspects--Islam
tes FSU 2004 .M372
Issue Date: 2004
Publisher: Kolej Universiti Islam Malaysia
Abstract: This research form is to discuss about the rights and obligations of husband and wife as a marriage couple. The purpose of this research is to give clear explanation and awareness to the marriage couple particularly about their rights and obligations. In marriage institution, each couple who intend to involved in marriage first beside aware about their rights and obligations each other. Next, the other purpose of this research is to know and study about the enactments provisions as provide under Islamic Family Law (Kelantan No.4, 2002). In order to achieve this vision, the writer was making a study about the enactment. From this research, the writer concludes that each marriage couple should aware with their own rights to ensure they get protection from irresponsible persons. Hence, the Islamic Family Law plays important roles to protect them and to ensure justice is on their behalf.
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