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Title: Exploring the Leadership Styles among Takaful Agency Leaders
Authors: Abdul Jalil Hashim
Mohd Khairuddin Hashim
Keywords: Leadership
Ancestral leadership
Takaful agency leaders
Takaful firms and industry
Issue Date: 3-Dec-2012
Abstract: The role and importance of leadership in organizations have continued to be emphasized in the literature. The review of the literature however indicates not much research attention has been devoted to examine leadership in takaful firms. A review of previous studies suggests limited research have attempted to investigate leadership styles found in the takaful firms, particularly in the Malaysian context. This study specifically attempted to examine the leadership styles among Takaful Agency Leaders. By using the ancestral leadership questionnaire, the study collected data from 196 respondents. The results of the analyzed data indicate that the Takaful Agency Leaders in the study adopted six leadership styles that include; the warrior; the scout, the diploma, the arbiter; the manager and the teacher.
Appears in Collections:International Conference on Islamic Leadership-2 (iCiL-2) 2012

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