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Title: Intelligent Computerised System Towards Implementing a Lining-Layout Optimisation Strategy
Authors: A.B. Md Sultan
I. Md. Badrudin
M.N. Sulaiman
A. Mamat
M. Tengku Muda Mohamed
Keywords: Optimization
Genetic algorithm
Optimal solution
Issue Date: 5-Feb-2013
Abstract: This project presents the strategies for optimizing planting areas. The three strategies considered for preparing field lining; 1) 60' line-direction 2) selecting the best line-direction for single block and 3) selecting the best line-directions for many separate blocks, might lead to different numbers of trees. Thus, an application named Lining-Layout Planning by Intelligent Computerized System (LLP-ICS) is introduced to choose the best strategy by incorporation of lining representation and shape assignment techniques. Because there are many possible solutions with ambiguous results, a novelty of Genetic Algorithm (GA) for lining-layout with focusing on the two approaches which are assigning the determined random values to the genes of chromosome and avoiding the same solution of optimal blocks occurs, was applied to suggest the optimal solution intelligently. The aim of this study was to suggest the best strategy among the various area coordinates tested. In addition, the capability of the application by novel GA was also examined. The results indicated that the LLP-ICS produces a consistent solution with feasible results and less number of repetition processes lead to reduce the computation time.
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