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Title: Bay' Al-Sarf Menurut Pandangan Ibn Taymiyyah dan Implikasinya ke Atas Urus Niaga Barangan Kemas dan E-Gold
Authors: Sanep Ahmad
Mat Noor Mat Zain
Keywords: Bay' al-sarf--Ibn Taymiyyah--gold--e-gold
Issue Date: 11-Mar-2013
Abstract: This study aims to evaluate the view of Ibn Taymijyah on the purchase of goods eligible for riba (ribawi goods) particularly gold, silver and jewellery and to assess its implications on e-gold transaction. A comparative assessment is done on the view of Ibn Taymiyyah and other scholars on the same subject. The result of the study shows that majority scholars are of the view that the principles of bay" al-surf are applied to all types of transactions involving gold, silver and jewellery. The view seems to prevent a smooth transaction involving gold and silver Ibn Taymijyah, however is of the opinion that the application of the principles of bay" al-surf should be limited to only transactions that involve physical gold and silver and hence jewellery and other form of minted gold and silver are excluded from the principles. This view has facilitated sales and purchases of gold and silver in both current and past transactions. Since e-gold is not jewellery rather a physical gold then according to the views of scholars and Ibn Taymi'ah, its transaction is subjected to the terms and conditions of bay' al-sarf
Appears in Collections:'Ulum Islamiyyah, Vol. 8,June,2012

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