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Title: Nilai Kebijaksanaan Melayu Dalam Pantun
Authors: Hj. Mohd Rashid Bin Hj. Md Idris
Keywords: Language, values, wisdom, Malay, pantun
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia
Abstract: This article is a product of the study of the functional aspects of a language, whereby an analysis of the functions of language was carried out through an examination of traditional Pantun from Kumpulan Pantun Melayu (1983). This analysis relates closely to the Philosophy of Language Theory (Mohd Rashid Md. Idris, 2007) that asserts to the close relationship between the language and its interlocutor S thoughts. This theory rests upon three underlying principles, in ensuring the language functions would be benefitted at its maximum. First, the need to use the language according to its grammar; second, the need to use the language to convey the correct message; and, third, to use the language to perform our duties accordingly. If these three principles are being followed, the process of using the language will be achieved well. According to its theoretical applications, the ~ a l d ~ Wisdom in Pantun can be proven through a qualitative analysis. The research methodology consists of literature review, text analysis, interpretation and description. The findings clearly show the presence of the Malay Wisdom in eve y aspects of the life studied, categorized as the following; in educating, in thought provocation scenarios, in interactions with other Pantun speakers, in interactions with nature, during work, in leading, during healing sessions and during entertainment. The research also found elements of Malay Wisdom levels. In general, the higher levels of wisdom an individual possesses, the more recognition is due to the individual and the higher status the individual will be accorded in society.
Appears in Collections:'Ulum Islamiyyah, Vol. 9,December,2012

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