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Title: Tarikh 'ilm al-qira'at wa-qurra' al-sab'ah ma'a riwayatihim
Other Titles: تاريخ علم القراءات والقراء السبعة مع روايتهم
Authors: Surita Bt Husain
Keywords: Qur'an -- Readings
tes FPQS 2004 .S874
Issue Date: 2004
Publisher: Kolej Universiti Islam Malaysia
Abstract: In order to complete this academic project entitles the development of Ilmu Qiraat Tujuh project, the researcher had chosen one of Quranic knowledge that was " Ilmu Qiraat and it's the seventh readers with their histories". The researcher chose the topic because many Muslim are not revealing the meaning of Ilmu Qiraat Tujuh and the objectives. In case, the researcher divided the topic into three chapters. The methodologies that used by the researcher in order to collect relating data and information to complete the project were library studies at the library University College Of Malaysia, Tun Sri Lanang library (UKM), and International Islamic University of Malaysia library. The results of research will shows that the Ilmu Qiraat Tujuh has been growth together with the Al-Quran. It's all have a benefit from Allah to the slaves. There were held some different reading and opinion about the Qiraat Tujuh, among the Ulama', until they collect and put it in one Mashaf, Mashaf Uthmani.
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