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Title: History of A Mosque Of Herat And Its Roles In Afghanistan (Mas Jid-J Jami Heart)
Authors: Irshdul Haq Bashar ibn Al-Haj Abdullah, Dr.
Keywords: Mosque
Issue Date: 14-Nov-2014
Abstract: The roles of the Mosque of Heart, since it had been built, was used as an Islamic school or (Madrassah) for the learning of Islam, the place of Muslim scholars, also addressed gathering of people in this holy place from their homes to learn Al Quran, al tafsir, Al Hadeth, Al Fiqah, and Al Aqidah. The mosque played a very great of education in Islam. We are as a Muslim believers in the world know that, the building of a Mosque indicates the importance of a Mosque in Islam, all acts of worship in Islam are for the purification of the soul, refinement of moral, and strengthening the ties of mutual cooperation among the Muslims. The congregation all prayers such as the Friday and Eid prayers are strong examples of the nature of the Muslim community and in the unity of their opinions, goals, and cooperation in achieving righteousness and in fearing Allah as they were really happened in the Mosque of Herat. The study aims to describe the history of a great mosque of Herat in Afghanistan, which is called (Masjid Jamia Heraf) in Persian language, and names and meaning of the mosques in Arabic and other languages. It will describe the date of building of this mosque by an Afghan King, Ghayath al din Al ghuri in 1201. The topic shall explain the purposes and roles of the mosque in the Afghan Islamic communities, such as, religious functions, like prayers, Ramadan events, charity and contemporary political roles and education. In this period Herat became an important center of Education, and design. A 15th century mosque in the centre of the city was once described as the most beautiful example of color in architecture ever devised and was considered as one of the great wonders of the age. Thus, if this is the case with the acts of worship, it is no wonder that Mosques carry a great social and spiritual place in the lives of the Muslims. The mosque is thing which unites them and their efforts, it refines their souls and awakens their minds and hearts, it solves their problems. The association of the mosque with education remains one of its main characteristics throughout victory. Just fir reminding, during the holy war the Mosque of Herat was an important place of Mujahedin and jehaad, and their educations, and dawah and management. The almighty Allah describes the value of the mosque in the Quran: It is not for such as join Gods with Allah, To visit or maintain the mosque of Allah while they witness again their own souls to infidelity. The works of such bear no fruit: in fire shall they dwell.
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