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2012Screening of lactic acid bacteria as biocontrol against (Colletotrichum capsici) on chilli BangiEl-Mabrok A.S.W., Hassan Z.; Mokhtar A.M., Hussain K.M.A.; Kahar F.K.S.B.A.
2012Oxidative stability of smoked chicken sausage substituted with red palm mid fraction during chilled storageAlina A.R., Siti Mashitoh A.; Babji A.S, Maznah I.,; Syamsul K.M.W., Muhyiddin Y.
2012Mitigating the implication of offshore oil and gas activities on the marine environment in Malaysia: Some measures through environmental impact assessmentMustafa M., Mukhtar K.A.; Mohd. Hazmi M.R.
2012The possibility of uniformity on Halal standards in organization of Islamic Countries (OIC) countryHalim M.A.A., Salleh M.M.M.
2012Social security wealth and early retirement in public pension schemeHaris A., Said R.
2012Physical child abuse: What are the external factors?Noremy M.A., Zulkarnain A.H.,; Kelvin F., Adanan M.J.; Sarah W.M.H.
2012Negotiation as a foundation in Islamic da'wah: Framework analysis on the memorandums held in the era of Rasullullah (pbuh) [Perundingan asas penyebaran dakwahNorhayati Rafida A.R., Nurul Husna N.H.; Safiyyah A.S.
2012Impact of increasing retirement age on longevity factor: An empirical study for government pensioners in MalaysiaRasheed M.M., Ghazali O.; Norwawi N.M.
2012The Application of Transit Passage Regime in Straits Used for International Navigation: A Study of the Straits of Malacca and SingaporeRusli M.H.M.
2012Negotiating interests according to Islamic approach on Halal certifications: Challenges in creating jobsNorhayati Rafida A.R., Alina A.R.,; Hafiz H.H., Saifol B.