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2014Highly sensitive fluorescence optode for aluminium(III) based on non-plasticized polymer inclusion membraneFaiz Bukhari, Mohd Suah,; Lee Yook, Heng,; Musa, Ahmad,
2015A Large Response Range Reflectometric Urea Biosensor Made from Silica-Gel NanoparticlesMuawia, Alqasaimeh,; Lee Yook, Heng,; Tan Ling, Ling,; Musa, Ahmad,; A. S. Santhana, Raj,
1-Jan-2013A cell-based potentiometric biosensor using the fungus Lentinus sajor-caju for permethrin determination in treated woodMohamad Nasir Mat, Arip,; Salmiah, Ujang,; Lee Yook, Heng,; Musa, Ahmad,
2014A Simple Visual Ethanol Biosensor Based on Alcohol Oxidase Immobilized onto Polyaniline Film for Halal Verification of Fermented Beverage SamplesBambang, Kuswandi,; Titi, Irmawati,; Moch Amrun, Hidayat,; Jayus; Musa, Ahmad,
1-Jan-2014A regenerable screen-printed DNA biosensor based on acrylic microsphere-gold nanoparticle composite for genetically modified soybean determinationAlizar, Ulianas,; Lee Yook, Heng,; Tan Ling, Ling,; Musa, Ahmad,; Han-Yih, Lau,; Zamri, Ishak,
2012A novel optical ammonia sensor based on reflectance measurements for highly polluted and coloured waterTan Ling, Ling,; Musa, Ahmad,; Lee Yook, Heng,
2014Chilli hotness determination based on optical capsaicin biosensor using stacked immobilisation techniqueRosmawani, Mohammad,; Lee Yook, Heng,; Musa, Ahmad,
2011An Amperometric Biosensor Based on Alanine Dehydrogenase for the Determination of Low Level of Ammonium Ion in WaterTan Ling, Ling,; Lee Yook, Heng,; Musa, Ahmad,
1-Jan-2014Optimization of polymer inclusion membranes (PIMs) preparation for immobilization of Chrome Azurol S for optical sensing of aluminum(III)Noor Izyan, Ngarisan,; Che Wan Zanariah, Che Wan Ngah,; Musa, Ahmad,; Bambang, Kuswandi,
2008Optical sensing material for pH detection based on the use of roselle extractNurul Huda, Abd Karim,; Musa, Ahmad,; Mohammad, Osman,; Herman Mahir, Mokhtar,; Ahmad Mahir, Mokhtar,