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Title: Pengurusan Fatwa Di Negara-Negara Nusantara: Penugurusan Fatwa Di Kemboja
Authors: Adnan Bin Mohamed Yusoff, Dr.
Wan Abdul Fattah Bin Wan Ismail
Hisham Bin Sabri
Issue Date: Mar-2006
Publisher: Kolej Universiti Islam Malaysia
Abstract: The research entitled Management Fatwa in Nusantara Countries: fatwa Management in Cambodia is perform to collect information of fatwa management for INFAD. The objective of this research is to share experience and information of fatwa management in Cambodia in relation to its organizational structure as well as edictment process. In addition, the research also interested to know how far the fatwa activities has been applied in the life of muslims, as the minority in Cambodia. This research also is to strengthen the fatwa management in Malaysia and throughout the world. Two approaches have been used in this research; in the preliminary stage involved searching materials from libraries as well as through the ICT technology. In this stage, it include collecting the information regarding the history, development an Islamic society in Cambodia. The second stage, involved field research through data gathering fiom interview with mufti, higher officers and other relevant parties. Based from the findings, it can be concluded that the fatwa management in Cambodia need some improvement. Management in Cambodia is found to be left behind from the other region in South East Asia. Lack of expertise in fiqh and profesional body has been identified. As the main problem are lack of relevant resources such as reference book and ICT infrastructure. This may due to the conflict faced by the muslim community in Cambodia whom just obtained their freedom from the communist administration.
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