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Title: Dakwah kepada masyarakat Cina: kajian perbandingan antara Darul Fitrah di Malaysia, Darul Arqam di Singapura, dan Yayasan Ukhuwah Islamiah di Indonesia
Authors: Mohamed Asin Dollah
Syamsul Bahri Andi Galigo
Muhammad Yusuf Khalid
Issue Date: Oct-2002
Publisher: Kolej Universiti Islam Malaysia
Abstract: This research focuses on three da'wah organizations in three different countries namely Darul Fitrah in Malaysia, Darul Arqam in Singapore and Yayasan Karim Oei in Indonesia. These three organizations focus their activities on the Chinese ethnic groups. The methodology of this research is through collecting data and comparative analysis. In order to collect data, the researchers used library research and field-work research. In the field research, interviews and observation techniques were used. Data from the three organizations was analyzed. It is found that each organization has its own methodology in carrying out da'wah activities. Darul Fitrah believes that home visits to states where Muslims are minority is the best methodology of da'wah. The visit will help da 'i to understand the everyday life of Muslim minorities and eventually will be able to help them improve their understanding and practice of Islam. Darul Arqam in Singapore introduces Islamic values through modem educational approach. Education is found to be the most effective methodology of da'wah. As for Yayasan Karim Oei, it attempts to introduce Islam through Chinese cultural practices. Laotze Mosque in Jakarta has become a center for activities and information of the Chinese Muslims in the area. Although the methodology of da'wah differs from one organization to another, these organizations are able to attract thousands of ethnic Chinese to convert to Islam.
Description: Laporan Penyelidikan Kod: UPU (1) /J/2001
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