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Title: Kaedah Pengajian Hadith Di Ipta: Satu Kajian Perbandingan
Authors: Mohd Zohdi Bin Mohd Amin
Muhamed Abdullahi Nur, Dr.
Norzulaily Mohd Ghazali
Iehsan Musa Hassan, Dr.
Mohd Fauzi Mohd Amin
Issue Date: 15-Feb-2005
Publisher: Kolej Universiti Islam Malaysia
Abstract: The Sciences of Hadis Studies has emerged from the beginning of the teaching of Islam and is spreading out until today: the information and communications technology (ICT) era. It is found that from the history and its chronology, the preservation of the sacred teaching of Islam has been the main factor of the spreading of the Prophetic Hadis Studies. It is noted that when the studies has first been offered to the Public Institutions of Higher Education (IPTA) since 46 years ago, no particular research has been done to analyze its effectiveness towards facing this challenging era. The aims of this paper are first: to do comparative research on four chosen old and new Public Institutions of Higher Education (IPTA) which offer Sciences of Hadis studies. Perhaps various experience and new concepts could be suggested in such studies and its methodology. Secondly, to identify the strength and weakness of the educational system implemented at the, Public Institutions of Higher Education (IPTA). It is hoped that such identification could contribute new ideas in order to improve the way of teaching of such studies in the future. Competition in job opportunities nowadays has become one of the educational agenda being discussed. Furthermore, the Sciences of Hadis Studies is also included as to identify its capability of offering job opportunities. As a result, issues such as time limitation, restriction of duration of studies and less Hadis courses being offered have emerged. Moreover, inner self-weakness found in a graduate could also contribute to the failure of Prophetic Hadis Studies teaching style. It is hoped that by merging the ICT with the Sciences of Hadis Studies teaching, it could help upgrading the quality of such studies today and in the future.
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