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Title: Negotiation Skills In Family Conflicts. Comparison Between Rural And Urban Areas
Authors: Norhayati Rafida Abdul Rahim
Selvarani AIP P. Kovil Pillai
Issue Date: 2002
Publisher: Kolej Universiti Islam Malaysia
Abstract: Family situations are viewed as a starting place to have harmony and peace in life. Love and care are much needed by' children from the parents. Nevertheless, we cannot avoid from having conflicts, which may occur due to certain circumstances of dissatisfactions among the members of the family. This situation may be worse if parents ignore or do not solve the problems. Consequently, children will be victims of family conflicts. They might choose to escape or confront the conflicts by any means, especially from peers. Therefore, this paper views negotiation skills as one of the possible techniques to solve family conflicts. Negotiation involves communicating with family members, exchanging opinions while fulfilling everyone's need without losing anything. As to study this situation, an empirical research had been done on 400 students (teenagers) which were selected randomly from four states in Malaysia which are categorized into two; rural and urban areas. This study will identify the perception of youth towards family conflicts, the perception of youths toward parents' negotiation skills and the reception of youths toward the negotiations process. These findings are hoped to provide guidelines and approaches in solving family conflicts.
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