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dc.contributor.authorLubna Abd Rahman-
dc.contributor.authorWan Azura Wan Ahmad-
dc.description.abstractThis research investigates the obstacles in communicating in the Arabic language among students of Islamic Science University of Malaysia (USIM), formerly known as Islamic College University of Malaysia (KUIM). The methodology used to achieve the objective of the study is the questionnaire approach. This is conducted by distributing the forms to 147 students from three selected faculties: Faculty of Syariah and Law (FSU), Faculty of Quran and Sunnah Studies (FPQS) and Faculty of Major Language Studies (FPBU). In addition, the interview method was also used between the researcher and a few selected individuals who are academicians and student from three local universities: USIM, International Islamic University of Malaysia (IIUM) and National University of Malaysia (UKM). This was conducted to know respondents' views about students' level of communication in Arabic, and to gather guidelines and approach which can be applied to solve the communication problems among students. The findings show that the main factor that contributes to students' difficulty to communicate in Arabic, whether in class or outside class, is because of psychological factor. This refers to students' own attitude which is lack of confidence, shy and afraid of making mistakes in speaking. The approach provided in the research is students and lecturers use the target language in the campus in integration, and through cooperation from the management of the university.en_US
dc.publisherUniversiti Sains Islam Malaysiaen_US
dc.titleHalangan Berkomunikasi Dalam Bahasa Arab Di Kalangan Pelajar Kolej Universiti Islam Malaysiaen_US
dc.typeResearch Reporten_US
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