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Title: Assessing the status of library information systems security
Authors: Roesnita, Ismail,
Awang Ngah, Zainab,
Keywords: Countermeasures
Information Systems
Information Systems Security
Organizational Measures
Security Practices
Technological Measures
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Sage Publications Ltd
Abstract: This study proposes an instrument to assess the current information system security status in libraries. The instrument is based on a model named LISSAM (library information systems security assessment model), which comprises five components: technological security foundation, information security policy, procedures and control, administrative tools, methods, and awareness creation. The instrument was pilot-tested with 50 respondents responsible for information systems or information technology in their libraries. All components received Cronbach alpha scores of <0.60 and were found to be reliable and acceptable. Findings revealed that over 95% of libraries have a high level of technological implementation but 54% scored poorly on organizational measures, especially on the lack of security policies, procedures, and user training. High scores on technological implementation were found to be correlated to sufficient financial support and early information and computer technology adoption.
ISSN: 0961-0006
Appears in Collections:Journal of Librarianship and Information Science

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