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Title: Fractional Variational Iteration Method and Its Application to Fractional Partial Differential Equation
Authors: Asma Ali, Elbeleze,
Bachok M., Taib,
Adem, Kilicman,
Keywords: Klein-Gordon Equation
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Hindawi Publishing Corporation
Abstract: We use the fractional variational iteration method (FVIM) with modified Riemann-Liouville derivative to solve some equations in fluid mechanics and in financial models. The fractional derivatives are described in Riemann-Liouville sense. To show the efficiency of the considered method, some examples that include the fractional Klein-Gordon equation, fractional Burgers equation, and fractional Black-Scholes equation are investigated.
ISSN: 1024-123X
Appears in Collections:Mathematical Problems In Engineering

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