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Title: رضا الزبائن عن جودة اخلدمات الفندقية املقدمة هلم دراسة تطبيقية مقارنة بني مستشفيي الشفاء وغزة األورويب يف فلسطن:
Authors: Aamer Suliman Ibrahim Abushariaa
Keywords: Consumer satisfaction
Quality control
Issue Date: Feb-2014
Publisher: Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia
Abstract: The study aimed to compare hotel services provided to the patients at Shifa hospital and the European Gaza hospital in terms of quality of the services available and missing from the perspective of the patients benefiting from these services. The study also attempts to investigate the patients' satisfaction with the quality of these services.The researcher found literature review confirm that patients are dissatisfied with the quality of hotel services in hospitals. Based on these objectives, the researcher designed a questionnaire consists of 85 questions divided into sixteen hubs for the purpose of data collection. The questionnaire was then distributed to the total sample of 285 of the patients in both targeted hospitals. The questionnaire was tested by instigating its validity and reliability. Content validity was employed though the constructive comment of experts and reliability was investigated by using internal consistencies of the scale through Cronbach’s alpha. The Descriptive analysis which consists frequencies, percentages, means and standard deviation was used adopting Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS). The study found several results of the most important , the quality of hotel services in both hospitals does not live up to the expectations of patients. The satisfaction with the quality of hotel services relative issue vary from one person to another for different sex, age, educational level, place of residence, etc. the study shows that the level of quality of all hotel services hubs in the European hospital better than it was at Shifa hospital with the exception of the quality of nutrition services and visitation services. This study has contributed to linking human resource management of the health management, where its focused on patient satisfaction due to the fact that patient satisfaction is an integral part of human resources, it also contributed to the inclusion of new hubs and elements of the quality of hotel services through the definition that the researcher defined.The study also recommended a series of recommendations, including Budget allocation to improve the quality of hotel services, training of personnel in hotel services, especially new ones before they receive for their work tasks, educate citizens on how to deal with hospital facilities, follow-up and monitoring by the hospitals management on the quality of hotel services especially purchased.
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