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Title: Creativity and innovation in Islam: It's necessity in Islamic education
Authors: A., Sulaiman,
M.M., Mohd Zarif,
M.A., Mohd Nizah,
P., Atoma,
A., Ismail,
H.M.T.E, Kandil,
Keywords: Creativity
Educational system
Innovation; Islamic
Prophet muhammad (SAW)
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Medwell Journals
Abstract: This is a preliminary study on the Islamic concept of creative thinking through the life of Muhammad (SAW). It is aim to revisit, the concept of creativity and innovation in Islam, from the examples shown by the Prophet (SAW). This study also highlights the significance and the needs to apply the Prophetic model of Islamic creativity and innovation to the present educational system. It employed qualitative approach by theoretical and conceptual analysis of relevant historical cases to establish, the concept the Islamic creative and innovative thinking from the life of Muhammad (SAW). It is hope that it may provide a distinctive perspective on the concept of creativity and innovation and its necessity in contemporary Islamic educational system which should be treated as a crucial tool for modern era. Further actions are discussed.
ISSN: 18185800
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