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Title: Debt ridden behaviour and coping skill from an islamic spectrum
Authors: O., Khatijah,
S., Sapora,
A.G., Zulkiple,
K., Jusoff,
Keywords: Coping skills
Debt-ridden life style
Financial stress
Islamic perspective
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: This study was conducted to analyze the relationship between debt-ridden life style (financial stress) and coping skills. A total of 150 respondents from Klang Valley in Malaysia were randomly chosen from government servants and private sectors employees. A questionnaire survey was conducted by post and SPSS was used to analyze the data. Besides the t-test was used to analyze other data, the relationships between two variables were observed through Pearson correlation test. The descriptive analysis was used to explain the differences and similarities among the respondent of this study. Significant overview of the financial burden and its impact on human life from Islamic perspective being enhanced as a reminder to the Muslim believer, that Islam indicates the debt ridden lifestyle should be avoided as postulate in Al-Quran and Al-Hadeeth and in accordance to the Maqasid-Al-Shariah underlined by Islam.
ISSN: 19909233
Appears in Collections:Middle East Journal of Scientific Research

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