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Title: Penetration Testing For Libyan Government Website
Authors: Rabia Ihmouda, Hassan,
Najwa Hayaati Binti, Mohd Alwi,
Keywords: E-government
Information Security
Website Vulnerability
Issue Date: 1-Jan-2013
Publisher: Universiti Utara Malaysia-Uum
Abstract: The study explores the security issues in the Libyan Government websites focusing on assessing the vulnerability and security weaknesses of various websites of the Libyan Government ministries. The study is divided into three stages. In the first stage, literature review was conducted to understand the nature of the problem. Data were collected in the second and third stage of study. In the second stage, three Web application scanner tools were used for checking and evaluate the government websites for common vulnerabilities, and analyzing security level for each of these websites. In the last stage, more insight into the security related issue of the Libyan government websites is obtained through interview with the expert. Using these two methods, a deeper understanding of the status of security level in the Libyan government's websites is presented from the standard security point of view and the need for a research to address and overcome the problem is also asserted.
ISBN: 978-983-2078-78-4
ISSN: 2289-3784
Appears in Collections:Computing & Informatics, 4th International Conference, 2013

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