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Title: Satellite Link Margin Prediction and Performance of ASTRO Malaysia
Authors: Khairi Abdul, Rahim,
M, Ismail,
M, Abdullah,
Keywords: ASTRO
link budget
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: IEEE
Abstract: The link performance prediction is important to ensure sufficient customer link margin and transmission availability. In this paper, a link budget prediction tool for analyzing and comparing predicted and measured C/N and E(b)/N(0) using a typical link margin and transmission availability been developed using Matlab. A study was conducted in ASTRO's uplink station facility in Cyberjaya on 13.2 m and 0.6 m downlink antenna. It was shown that the C/N and E(b)/N(0) measured value for both antennas were about +/- 3 dB as compared to predicted values. The link margin for both values was found sufficient in the worst case condition due to signal attenuation. For 13.2 m antenna, C/N's link margin is 12 dB and E(b)/N(0)'s link margin is 8.1 dB while for 0.6 m, C/N's link margin is 3.5 dB and E(b)/N(0)'s link margin is 5.8 dB. The total transmission availability conforms to the standard which was promised to their customer with more than 99.7% availability.
ISBN: 978-1-4244-4955-2
Appears in Collections:2009 International Conference On Space Science And Communication

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