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Title: Worm analysis through computer simulation (WAtCoS)
Authors: Madihah, Mohd Saudi,
Kamaruzzaman, Seman,
Keywords: worm analysis
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: Int Assoc Engineers-Iaeng
Abstract: Computer viruses have received a lot of attention. In fact, the best-known viruses have not been viruses at all, but worms, programs that spread through networks instead of modifying programs. Both viruses and worms reproduce themselves and defensive measures have focused on stopping or slowing their spread. Ultimately, though, there is no defense better than a comprehensive security strategy that embraces user education, crisis-response teams, and technologically sound security measures including, but not limited to, those that relate specifically to the threats posed by viruses and worms. Defense against harm can consist of preventing the harm from occurring, limiting the extent of the harm, or recovering from the harm after it has occurred. This research aims to resolve the confusion in identifying visualization, simulation and games in teaching malware analysis. Computer simulation has greater impact and based on research that had been carried out it is identified as one of the best approach in teaching worm analysis.
ISBN: 978-988-98671-9-5
Appears in Collections:World Congress On Engineering 2008, Vols I-II

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