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Title: Analysis of packets abnormalities in wireless sensor network
Authors: A.H., Azni,
A., Azman,
M.M., Saudi,
A.H., Fauzi,
D.N.F., Awang Iskandar,
Keywords: AODV
Packet abnormalities
Security threats
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) use tiny, inexpensive sensor nodes with several distinguishing characteristics: they have very low processing power and radio ranges, permit very low energy consumption and perform limited and specific monitoring and sensing functions. However, its security becomes an issue because in WSNs, there is virtual communication by passing the data through sensor via internet. Caused of its limited capability, an intruder can attack the communication easier. Furthermore, routing in wireless sensor networks has, to some extent, been reasonably well studied. However, most current research has focused primarily on providing the most energy efficient routing. There is a great need for both secure and energy efficient routing protocols in WSN. Therefore, this project studies about the packets in WSN. To achieve the objectives, this project used AODV routing protocol to analyze the packets abnormalities in WSNs by using simulation technique. To show the differentiations of packets behaviors, the simulations have been conducted on AODV routing protocol under malicious node and without malicious node. It also conducts an analysis of packets behavior on flooding attack. © 2009 IEEE.
ISBN: 9780-7695-3938-6
Appears in Collections:5th International Conference on MEMS NANO, and Smart Systems, ICMENS 2009

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