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Title: الفتاوى المعا صرة في حكم نقل الزكاة من بلد ألي بلد احر
Authors: Azman Bin Abd. Rahman
Keywords: Flexibility
Issue Date: 1-Jan-2014
Publisher: Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia
Series/Report no.: Vol.3.2014;
Abstract: Syariah is a complete, dynamic, comprehensive and flexible way of life and is relevant to be applied anytime and anywhere. Human beings are in need of Shariah to manage their life and relationship among them and between the environments around them. In this globalization era, there have been various unprecedented and contemporary issues which require Shariah verification. As the development grows tremendously rapid, lots of Islamic rulings (hukm), in particular those derived from principles of custom ('uruf) and public interest (maslahah,) are vital to be reassessed. One of them is pertaining to the payment of alms or zakat which constitutes one of the five-pillars of Islam which was commanded by Allah in His Book and revealed through His prophet. Indeed, there have been numerous issues on zakat, its management and coordination, particularly those related to its distribution - all of which require specific Shariah-based rulings. For example, the issue of transferring zakat fund from one state to another which has emerged due to surplus in the zakat fund in a particular state. In other cases, there are issues where there have been surplus in the zakat funds even after the completion of zakat fund distribution by the zakat center to the zakat payees (asnaf).
ISSN: 22321047
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