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Title: الفتاوي عبر الفضا أيات
Authors: Hasan Mohd. Abdullah Al-Marzuki
Hamzah Abdul Karim Mohd.Hamad
Keywords: Fatwa
Satellite channels
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia
Series/Report no.: Vol.4.2014;
Abstract: This paper addresses the subject of fatwa via satellite channels, seeking to achieve a set of objectives; which are: analysis of the nature of fatwa via satellite channels, demonstration of fatwa via satellite channels positives, showing the negative effects of fatwa via satellite channels, and providing controls and proposed solutions. The study follows a descriptive analytical method and concludes that the fatwa is an answer to a religion-related question. Furthermore, fatwa programs via satellite channels appear mostly on two types; first, pre-recorded fatwa programs and second, live fatwa programs. The two researchers demonstrate the most prominent fatwa pros via satellite channels; including: clarifying the sharia law of what people face in their life, the dissemination of jurisprudence culture, as well as the dissemination of schools of fiqh culture and presenting other schools of fiqh views, and the convergence among schools of fiqh.
ISSN: 22321047
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