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Title: Designing a new E-Commerce authentication framework for a cloud-based environment
Authors: K.G.A., Sawesi
M.M., Saudi
M.Z., Jali
Keywords: authentication; B2C E-Commerce
ecliptic curve; RSA algorithm
XML signature
Issue Date: 2013
Abstract: The functional need of executing transaction on Electronic Commerce has made security a necessary built-in feature. Also, placing the E-Commerce portal in cloud through cloud computing technologies has undoubtedly increased the security challenges. Thus necessitate a design of secured authentication framework to be employed by the web-based E-Commerce portals. Existing works on XML-based authentication and comparison with non-XML signature-based security mechanism showed the strength in employing XML digital signature approach in authenticating Business to Consumer E-Commerce. Also the review revealed the limitations in the previously applied XML signature and its application approach. Therefore, this paper aims to design a novel algorithmic security framework for authentication using XML digital signature in conjunction with PKI standard using elliptic curve in B2C cloud-based E-Commerce portal. The novel algorithmic framework will be validated through simulation with C++ as the programming language using Microsoft Windows Environment. The outcome of this research will be an improved authentication mechanism for XML digital signature. © 2013 IEEE.
ISSN: 9781-4799-0552-2
Appears in Collections:Proceedings - 2012 IEEE Control and System Graduate Research Colloquium, ICSGRC 2012

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