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Title: Enhancement of background subtraction approach for image segmentation
Authors: A.S., Bin Samma
R.A., Salam
A.Z., Talib
Keywords: Automatic detection
Background subtraction
Computational costs
Segmentation results
Information science
Signal processing
Image segmentation
Signal detection
Underwater image
Original images
Background subtraction techniques
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: In this paper an enhanced background subtraction approach for image segmentation is proposed in order to precisely detect and represent the objects in the images. It is based on automatic detection of the background by estimating the background and then subtracting it from the original image. This step is incorporated in the background subtraction approach in order to reduce the computational cost and overcome the problems where the environment is complex such as underwater images and when there are many kinds of objects. The segmentation results using this enhanced approach are compared with the recent background subtraction techniques in terms of speed and accuracy in order to show the efficiency and the effectiveness of the proposed approach. © 2010 IEEE.
ISBN: 9781-4244-7167-6
Appears in Collections:2014 International Conference On Information Science And Applications (Icisa)

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