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Title: Qissah Qur 'aniyyah Dalam Surah Al-Kahf Menyerlahkan Pengajaran ('Ibrah) dan Fadilat Surah
Authors: Mohd Shahrizal Nasir
Nurazan Mohmad Rouyan
Keywords: Qissah qur 'aniyyah
Surah al-Kahf
Prophet's sunnah
Issue Date: Dec-2014
Publisher: Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia
Series/Report no.: Vol.14 (Dec) 2014;
Abstract: Qissah qur'aniyyah is one of the delivery form used to explain the contents of the Quran. This form has several features which are very special and it should not be confused with the term "story", a genre known in the field of literature. It carries a lot of meanings for the benefit of mankind, given that men are willing to analyze its existence. Hence, highlighting the lessons found in the qissah qur'aniyyah are among the main reasons for its use in the Quran. One of the features of the qissah qur 'aniyyah is that it is not detailed, and yet, it brings a clear message of the Quranic verses. Surah al-Kahf is a chapter in the Quran which contains four main qissah qur aniyyah which are the story of people of the cave, owner of two gardens, prophet Moses and Khidir and Dhu al-Qarnayn. Besides, a number of prophetic traditions have recognized the recitation of surah al-Kahf on every Friday, thus this is a clear proof that the contents of surah al-Kahf bring wonderful lessons. This paper attempts to analyze Qissah qur'aniyyah in surah al-Kahf and identify its function in conveying the lessons to the Quranh reciters. For that, text analysis methodology will be used with several authoritative books of Quranic exegesis and hadith. This paper finds that the lessons behind Qissah qur 'aniyyah contained in the surah al-Kahf is one of the reasons why it became a chapter recognized by the Prophet Muhammad p.b.u.h. to be recited every Friday.
ISSN: 16755936
Appears in Collections:'Ulum Islamiyyah, Vol.14,December,2014

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