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Title: The development of consultant appointment system
Authors: A.B.A., Bakar
Keywords: Appointing consultant
Decision support system (DSS);
Semistructured decision
Issue Date: 2009
Abstract: A web-enable Consultant Appointment System is an alternative support system designed and developed for handling and managing a process of appointing consultant. This system will anticipate an efficiency and accuracy of selecting qualified consultants for the projects which will be performed. The main function of the system is about appointing the right consultants for the right project. Thus, this paper is to discuss the preliminary stage of the development of CAS. It is sort of decision support system with on-line capability. The process of selecting consultants involves some criteria and it considered as semistructured decision. Therefore, the system design will study on the two methods of decision which are ranking by weightage and ranking using sequential elimination by conjunctive constraints. © 2009 IEEE.
ISBN: 9780-7695-3569-2
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