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Title: The development of hashing indexing technique in case retrieval
Authors: M.F.M., Mohsin,
N.M., Norwawi,
M.B., Manaf,
M.H.A., Wahab,
Keywords: Case retrieval
Hashing indexing
Sequential indexing
Temporal data
Issue Date: 2010
Abstract: Case-based reasoning (CBR) considers previous experience in form of cases to overcome new problems. It requires many solved cases in case base in order to produce a quality decision. Since today, database technology has allowed CBR to use a huge case storage therefore the case retrieval process also reflects the final decision in CBR. Traditionally, sequential indexing method has been applied to search for possible cases in case base. This technique is worked fast when the number of cases is small but it consumes more time to retrieve when the number of data grows in case base. To overcome the weakness, this study researches the nonsequential indexing called hashing as an alternative to mine large cases and faster the retrieval time in CBR. Hashing indexing searches a record by determines the index using only an entry's search key without traveling to all records. This paper presents the review of a literature and early stages of the integration hashing indexing method in CBR. The concept of hashing indexing in case retrieving process, the model development, and the preliminary algorithm testing result will be discussed in this paper. © 2010 IEEE.
ISBN: 9781-4244-6718-1
Appears in Collections:Proceedings - International Symposium on Information Technology 2008, ITSim

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