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Title: Quran education for special children: teacher as murabbi
Authors: Noornajihan Jaafar
Norakyairee Mohd Raus
Nurul Asiah Fasehah Muhamad
Norzulaili Mohd. Ghazali
Robiatul Adawiyah Mohd @ Amat
Syed Najihuddin Syed Hassan
Mahyuddin Hashim
Ab. Halim Tamuri
Norshidah Mohamed Salleh
Mohd Isa Hamzah
Keywords: Murabbi
Quran Education
Special Children
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Scientific Research
Abstract: This paper discusses scenarios that occur in the delivery of the National Education Progam, focusing the debate on the Special Education teacher professionalism especially teachers of Islamic Studies (IET). The objective of this study is to propose solutions to issues and challenges of the teaching profession by presenting a model of Special Education teacher as Murabbi. The term Murabbi is selected in this model as opposed to Mursyid, Mu'allim, Muaddib, and Mudam's, because Murabbi encompasses the concept of love which is very close to special children as applied in this element The findings of this study have resulted a model teacher as Murabbi particularly In the context of special education. There are eight characteristics of effective teachers as Murabbi contribute towards upholding the special education system of the country.
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