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Authors: Dina Imam Supaat
Keywords: Children
Issue Date: 2009
Publisher: Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia
Series/Report no.: Siri 4;
Abstract: The main issue discussed in this paper is the need to establish the office of the Children' s Commissioner in Malaysia. The paper will briefly discuss the shared aim of a commissioner appointed in two countries; Norway and New Zealand, their powers and functions of the two offices in upholding children's rights since its inception. Exploration on these topics will provide understanding on their true functions in protecting children and will provide a framework for a similar body in Malaysia. This will enable us to rationalize the formation of an analogous position in Malaysia and the model of a desired commissioner needed by the country to secure future for our children. Discussion is also focused on the idea that the children of Malaysia deserve no less and the appointment of a commissioner will enable our children to grow and develop in an encouraging environment where their rights are filly preserved, the safety, security and best interest are paramount consideration and their needs are fulfilled.
ISSN: 18234593
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