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Title: Gap in Subject Area Expertise in Islamic Collection Management in Malaysia: A Comparison with MELA Librarians
Authors: Abu Bakar, Najibah
Mohd Rosman, Norziati
Keywords: libraries Muslim
Islamic collection
librarians Muslim
collection management
libraries Islamic
Islamic librarianship
Issue Date: Sep-2016
Publisher: Syed Muhammad Naquib al-Attas Library, IIUM,
Abstract: At the pinnacle of Islamic empire, librarians were chosen from the ranks of renowned scholars. They were not merely collectors, conservators, facilitators or organizers of information, but providers of value-added intellectual services such as consultation, publication and translation. These services can be said to be only a minimal portion of tasks covered by Islamic Collection librarians in Malaysia, because our librarianship has been swept into the waves of contemporary practices of most modern libraries, emphasizing technical and information technology aspects. This article attempts to show how far behind we are, in the realm of value-added intellectual services, as compared to Islamic collection librarians collaborating under the aegis of Middle East Librarians Association (MELA). It also purported to investigate the probable reasons that contributed to the current model of Islamic Collection management and librarianship in Malaysia. The method to be used in collecting data is unobtrusive observation through content analysis of online information in public domain. The result shows the gap in Islamic collection management as practiced here. It is suggested that some of the best practices be adopted, and policies revamp considered for future practices in Malaysia.
Appears in Collections:Regional Islamic Libraries Seminar (RElies)2016

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