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Title: Implementing A National Consortium Of Islamic Libraries In Brunei Darussalam: Opportunities & Challenges
Authors: Haji Abdul Kahar, Dayang Amal Syukriyyah binti
Haji Moksin, Norhasinah binti
Keywords: Resource-sharing
National Consortium
Islamic Libraries
Ease of Access
Issue Date: Sep-2016
Publisher: Sultan Sharif Ali Islamic University Library
Abstract: Brunei Darussalam is a nation with a wealth of Islamic resources, evident by the existence of twelve Islamic libraries and resource centers spread out in the country. Throughout the years the Islamic related studies have always been held in high regard amongst the scholars and researchers in the country. Henceforward it is due time to realize a National Consortium of Islamic Libraries for Brunei Darussalam in order to fully optimize these resources as well as providing services and facilitate the researchers’ journey and progress of Islamic knowledge discovery with a more systematic and cost-effective approach. Moreover this will provide the researchers with a diverse and multitude of Islamic resources at their fingertips. This paper will delve into the conception of a National Consortium for Islamic Libraries in Brunei Darussalam. It is also aimed to ascertain the opportunities and challenges in its implementation and propose substantive recommendations for its establishment. All available literature related to the concept is reviewed and evaluated. Interviews, meetings and surveys with the participating libraries are conducted. With the realization of such consortium in Brunei, it is believed that the prospect will advance the growth of the Islamic research industry in Brunei Darussalam and will give rise to top quality researches in addition to enhancing library service excellence in the country.
Appears in Collections:Regional Islamic Libraries Seminar (RElies)2016

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