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Title: Malaysian Fatwa Websites Studies
Authors: Najwa Hayaati Mohd Alwi
Issue Date: 19-Mar-2009
Abstract: Currently Malaysia has 14 mufti's department head by a mufti (scholar) for each department. This department located at each state in Malaysia. With the emergence of ICT usage, fatwa is also hope to be promulgated using the Internet or speciJically the websites to the Muslims through out the world. This fundamental paper will discuss the websites that are use for fatwa promulgation in Malaysia. The main objective of the research done is to identz& whether fatwa website are develop for each state and identi& the functions of the website. The methodology used is website search and then go through the features whether the website related to the needs and functions. Some of the findings discover that many of muftis department developed the websitesfor the fatwa. Anyway the function and services provided are limited Furthermore usability features in a website being not$ed and tabled for discussion. The findings also discuss the challenges that limit the website extend usage.
Appears in Collections:International Conference on Information and Communication Technology on The Muslim Worlds 2006

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